!!! H.A.K. 10 ANS !!!

!!! H.A.K. 10 ANS !!!

mardi 5 juillet 2016



2016.07.12 - XB-Liebig, Berlin
with Fabio Orsi...
2016.07.13 - Spektrum, Berlin
with Hopek Quirin, Kris Limbach and Pierce Warnecke
2016.07.14 - Schrippe Hawaii, Berlin
2016.07.15 - LaBettoLab, Berlin

Olga Nosova & Alexei Borisov

ASTMA is a duo project of Olga Nosova (drummer and vocalist) and russian industrial electronic scene pioneer Alexei Borisov. This duet formed in 2009 in Moscow plays improvised music inspired by free-form, spoken word, psychedelia, live electronics, noise…ASTMA band is touring extensively, performing in Russia,Turkey, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, France, Israel, USA… Their music is published in CD on : Zeromoon (USA), Letmo Productions (Czech Republic), Moozak (Austria), Viande (Italy). Also, many CDR or Net productions are available on : HAK Lo-Fi Record (France), Nostress Netlabel (Italy), Top 40 (Russia), Buh Records (Peru)…


Anton Mobin, Cisco C. & Monobloc Sound Fidelity
Formed after a radio concert on KKWNE and first collaboration for Classwar Karaoke (020 Survey), the trio performed a few times around France and released their first EP in 2014 on H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record & Tünel records.

Anton Mobin perfomed (on stage or recordings) with Jello Biafra, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Hopek Quirin, London Improvisers Orchestra, 
Cisco C. is till a few years involved in Vox Populi! (The famous french Ethno-industrial band) and Monobloc Sound fidelity is member of Oleo Strut (Italian/French collective)

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